Ireland’s Choice Of Drinks

Ireland is one of the most popular countries of the world and it is a place that you should definitely visit. One of the many things that you can find during your trip to a country is food and drinks, if you do not enjoy food and drinks of a country then you have not fully experienced everything that you are getting. Ireland is one of those countries that are visited by many people due to its beauty and serene landscapes. However, Ireland is also famous drinks as it has a very unique cuisine and here you will find some of the best drinks and beverages that you should drink in Ireland.

Irish Tea

Irish tea is a very especial type of tea that is approved by the Irish people, it is the only type of tea that the Irish people drink and decline all other variants of tea. Irish tea is a mixture of many different black teas but mostly Assam and Indian teas are used. The Irish people tend to drink this hot and strong beverage throughout the day and is one of the most appreciated drinks.


Miwadi is a beverage that takes it names from Mineral Water Distributors which was the company that introduced a fruit drink in Dublin back in 1927. It was originally introduced as an energy drink as it was given by doctors to the people when they were sick, this was done during the war. During the 1970’s Miwadi became available to the consumers and since then it has remained a popular beverage among the Irish.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is another hot beverage that you can find here in Ireland. Like tea, Irish coffee is also one of those beverages that the Irish people drink throughout the day. However, the Irish commonly drink this coffee after dinner or any other meal. It is truly one of the most delicious beverages that you can ever drink and therefore, if you have a chance to visit Ireland then you should definitely drink this coffee.

Bulmers Cider

Bulmers Cider is another popular drink that you have to drink when you are visiting Ireland. Bulmers Cider is a highly refreshing drink and is enjoyed in almost all parts of Ireland. The company that makes this drink was founded in 1935 and has now changed the methods with which they make the drink. This has caused the taste of the drink to improve noticeably.

TK Red Lemonade

TK Red Lemonade is simply a staple for parties, it is a refreshing drink and remains the brank leader in Ireland. The drink is available in almost all parts of Ireland is enjoyed by every single person. People also mix other beverages with TK Red Lemonade to improve the experience.

These were some of the most popular drinks that you have to drink when you visit Ireland. These drinks are without any doubt very delicious and you will want to have more after some time.

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