Irish Pub Fare to Keep Your Eyes Out For

Guinness Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are a meal that is popular in many areas of the world, but in Ireland, Guinness can make anything better. The rich flavor of the stout is a nice complement to the battered fish and takes a fairly simple dish to another level. Many pubs use different types of beers in the batter for the fish, offering a wide range of flavors for an otherwise typical meal. Look for beer battered fish or Guinness fish on the pub menu of your favorite seafood or Irish restaurant.

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Beer Battered Fries or Onion Rings

On the same note as the fish and chips, beer battered fries or onion rings, add a twist the otherwise standard side dish. This adds an extra layer of crunch to the snack and gives it a great flavor. Many restaurants and pubs offer these in lieu of regular fries, or as an upgrade, so if you’re feeling like a little Irish influence with your meal, be sure to order the beer battered options. Some places even make their own special dipping sauces with a stout or beer.

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Irish Nachos

With nachos and fries being such a pub staple, someone had the idea of combining the two and calling them Irish Nachos. While this someone may not have had Irish origins, there certainly are several Irish influences on the dish. Fries are smothered in any combination of cheese, bacon, ham, corned beef, onions and sometimes even gravy, and broiled to create a gooey pile of deliciousness that is not to be missed.

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Corned Beef Sandwich

Corned beef is pretty commonly known as an Irish staple, but after an evening of drinking sitting down to a plate of corned beef and cabbage may not sound the most appealing. Instead look for a genuine hot corned beef sandwich, made with a thick slice of the boiled meat, rather than the thin deli slices that can be purchased at the supermarket. It is often served with a mustard and fries or chips on the side.


Scotch Egg

While technically this pub appetizer has a Scottish name, and was originated in the United Kingdom, Scotch eggs are a pretty common staple in many Irish Pubs. A hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage meat is coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. This tasty treat can be served with a spicy mustard sauce or by itself. It is a protein packed delicacy perfect for a happy hour boost.

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Meat Pie

One meal that is sure to fill up hungry stomachs is the meat pie. There are several versions that are popular around the world, but the Irish version has round steak served in a pie form with Guinness, bacon and onions. It can also be served with diced potatoes. Some even make a variation where the filling is closer in flavor to a beef stew. Regardless of the type, this is something to enjoy.


Irish Potato Skins

Another pub favorite is potato skins. There are endless varieties of the classic, some twice baked with mashed potato filling, others smothered in cheese, bacon and sour cream, and others even with gravy on top. Look for a mashed potato option for the best Irish experience with the appetizer. Some pubs even add corned beef on top to make it a truly authentic dish. This is probably one of the most common dishes available in any restaurant that boasts a pub menu.

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