Make Your Life Better With Tempting Irish Foods

Ireland is among the most developed and beautiful countries of the world and perhaps this is reason why many people apply for getting education here and there are many others who come to this remarkable piece of land due to its wonderful tourism opportunities. Ireland is home to some of the most wonderful tourist destinations of the world and an entire article can be written on the tourist spots of Ireland. Ireland is also home to some of the most busy shopping centers and restaurants. Talking about restaurants, the Irish restaurants are an epicenter to some of the tastiest dishes and as a tourist you should not miss the opportunity of tasting some of these dishes.

Dishes which you must taste:

The Irish foods are very tasty with each dish offering you a unique taste and pleasure. In this article we plan to discuss three of these dishes. We think that as a tourist you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of having these Irish foods. Though you may get a chance to eat these dishes in a local restaurant of your home town as well, however tasting these dishes in the land of their origin is a unique experience. These dishes are as follows

  • Stew (Irish): The Irish stew is just a generic name and there are many styles and ways through which this dish can be made with ease. Each style of Irish stew has something different to offer. During your stay in Ireland you can find plenty of restaurants from where you can find this dish with ease. The dish is a combination of vegetables that may change as per the recipe. The only thing constant in this dish is that the meat which is utilized is that Lamb.
  • Supermacs: It is basically a box of grub which is very tasty and can be termed as the best in the universe. The dish can easily be found by you in any of the McDonalds outlet in Ireland.
  • Cabbage and Bacon: The dish is very tasty and can be prepared by you in your home as well. if you cannot cook then do not worry as you can surely find it in one of the Irish restaurants. The dish consists of Cabbage, Bacon and sauce which consists of butter, milk, flour, and parsley
  • Coddle: Coddle is also a very tasty Irish recipe, the dish is usually cooked in a pot and can easily be enjoyed by you through an Irish restaurant. The basic ingredients of this dish are sliced onions, sausages, rashers and sliced potatoes. These were just the basic ingredients and there are many other things as well that can be added in this meal.

If you are already in Ireland or are planning your next vacation in Ireland then this article is certainly a must read for you. Do try these dishes once you get the opportunity as these dishes will give you the taste and pleasure that has never been experienced before by you.

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