Sixteen of the Best Irish Drinking Songs to Liven Up Your St. Paddy’s Party

Irish drinking songs are known for telling a tale, sometimes a tall tale at that, but regardless of the story they tell, they provide the perfect music for dancing and drinking. They are usually short on metaphors, telling the story usually exactly how it happened. They get their acclaim from being catchy and upbeat, even if the stories they tell actually aren’t.


  1. The Irish Rovers: A group of sailors are setting out from Ireland delivering bricks to New York only to have tragedy strike when the ship is lost in the fog, after an outbreak of measles, the ship capsizes sparing only the singer.
  2. The Unicorn Song: The unicorn was said to have missed the boat when Noah was loading up in prep for the flood, because they were far too playful they wouldn’t take his orders, and that’s why they aren’t around to this day.
  3. Devil’s Dance Floor: When tempted by an attractive woman with a rocky upbringing, this song is about how everyone is really just a dancer on the Devil’s Dance Floor.
  4. Finnegan’s Wake: What better reason to have a gathering than to celebrate the life of a passed friend, only to find out he isn’t dead at all!
  5. The Orange and the Green: The tale of the sacrilege and tribulations of a lad born to a Protestant father and Catholic mother.
  6. Johnny Jump Up: While most Irish songs are anthems to the love of whiskey and beer, this one is about the after effects of drinking just a little too much hard cider.
  7. 7 Drunken Nights: With a constantly drunk husband, his wife turns to a lover who through the course of a week she tries to cover up by telling her husband he is too drunk to know what’s happening.

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  1. Drink and Fight: Another tale of the effects of too much drink, the singer is kicked out after coming home drunk one night too many, and drowns his sorrows with his buddies in the local bar.
  2. Drunken Sailor: This only goes to show it’s best not to get wasted when at the mercy of a rowdy bunch of crewmates, as they discuss what unscrupulous punishments they should set forth on their drunk cohort.
  3. Rocky Road to Dublin: As a young man leaves home for the first time he shares his adventures on the road as he heads to Dublin for work, only to find himself on a ship.

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  1. Beer, Beer, Beer: This song is a tribute to the delicious beverage beer and hailing it ingenious creator for bringing such joy and deliciousness to so many people
  2. All for Me Grog: Another tribute to the greatness and necessity of beer and tobacco, touting how it is such a vital part of life.
  3. The Sick Note: Originally an old folk story about a fellow who had an encounter with a barrel of bricks falling on his head, it was set to music to create this song about such an unfortunate event.
  4. Rare Old Mountain Dew: Homebrewed whiskey is one of the favorites for Irish singers, with its potency curing anything that may ail a person.
  5. Whiskey in the Jar: Another tribute to the merits of whiskey, this tale is of a robber who steals money from a military captain only to have said captain hunt him down.
  6. Drunken Lullabies: This catchy yet sad tune is about how unnecessary the Irish conflicts between the different religions really were, and how the battle didn’t need to happen.


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