Top Traditional Foods You Should Try In Ireland

Ireland is a popular country especially among tourists, this is because the country offers many tourism opportunities and is simply a very beautiful place. High mountains covered by trees, beautiful lakes and astonishing landscapes are only some of the things that you can find in Ireland. When you visit a country just for tourism, then you cannot miss the food. Food is something that defines a country and takes you back to the country’s origin and culture. Ireland too offers delicious traditional foods that you must try before you leave their country.


When you visit Ireland in any other season than summer, then it will be difficult for you to find the sun. However, this does open other opportunities, for example people can then enjoy shellfish like oysters as they come to their shores during the months of September. Shellfish is a stable part of the Irish cuisine and is liked by almost everyone, they have a special style of cooking the fish which is delicious in its own way.


Barmbrack is a fruity tea loaf that is enjoyed in all parts of Ireland. It is home baked bread with a few fruity secrets within, it is best enjoyed when smothered in butter and with a nice cup of tea. In Halloween, barmbrack is also used to tell fortunes which is a nice game to play.

Soda Bread

Soda bread is something that is famous among all households in Ireland. Almost each and every family has its own and special recipe for this dish but all of the versions are equally enjoyable. Some people like to put sugar and honey in it, while others like their bread to be healthy with bran and oats. However, the base of the dish remains similar, buttermilk and bread soda are the raising agents which are mixed with flour and then baked.

Smoked Salmon And Irish Salmon

Irish salmon is a delicacy that is famous worldwide, wild salmon is difficult to find in Ireland however it is available in many different restaurants during the months of April to June. Smoked wild salmon is more delicious that bred salmon. It is served with potatoes, spring greens and a special white sauce that is a treat for the taste buds.

Irish Stew

Irish stew is simply one of those dishes that you cannot miss, it is a true traditional dish and is very delicious. Irish stew was first made with mutton, the meat was stewed for multiple hours to make it nice and tender. Then depending on the persons taste some onions, potatoes and carrots are added to magnify the taste. However, modern day Irish stew is made with lamb as mutton is quite rare and hard to find.

These were some of the most delicious traditional dishes that everyone must try in Ireland. If you visiting Ireland then you trip cannot be complete if you miss out on the food. These dishes can be easily find and is a common member of the menu cards.

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